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Ignition element


Ignition element without holder that fits Viking B16, B16 Gl, B30 GL.

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VAT included


Screw included.

The standard element is 80 mm.
NOTE! The entire element must be inserted in the holder (item no. 1603).
0-1 mm of the element should be visible outside the holder.

There should be no extra insulation on the cables.

Replacement of ignition elements

Start by de-energizing the burner by unplugging the power cord.
The element is 230V.
Tools needed:
Torx 25
Electric screwdriver (small)
Allen key no. 4 (older burner)

Fold up the cover

Fold up the cover on the burner and loosen the cables to the element,
(sits differently depending on which circuit board is in the burner).
The one in the picture shows circuit board Rev 4.1.

Disconnect the cables

One cable is white and the other is white / black striped.
Since it is 230 VAC, you do not need to mount the cables by color.

Loosen the screws

Unscrew the 2 screws (M5x8) below
the burner housing to release the holder in which the element is located.

Pull the element with the holder forwards out of the burner housing.


Insert the new element and connect the cables.
NOTE! The element must be inserted in the holder. Only the cables should be visible.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Cable length
350 mm
Power Voltage
230 VAC
Rated input
250 W
80 mm
Ø 8 mm