Fläkt 24V
  • Fläkt 24V
  • Fläkt 24V

Fan 24V


Fits OPTIBURN, Viking B16/30 and 9990.
Speed controlled fan from Torin.
DSG 75-40, 12-28VDC, 20W

VAT included


Fits Viking B16, B16GL and B30 GL manufactured by BioNordic where the fan speed is adjusted in the PLC.

No changes need to be made if you have software version from P-Teknik in the PLC (Crouzet),
this also applies to software version R10 from BioNordic.

But that does not mean that you need to upgrade the software in the PLC when changing the fan, you just need
make any changes to the PLC, which is in the instructions that come with the order.

Torin DSG 75-40, 12-28VDC, 20W
It's an upgraded hardware in the fan.
If you switch from an older fan to this one, you may need to adjust the fan speed in the PLC.
If you have a fan value of eg 14, it may need to be adjusted to 17, ie reduce the speed.
The speed at "Ignition" needs to be changed to about 29.

Note: this does not fit Viking Bio or Baxi Eurofire with Millennium II plc.

If there is a circuit board Bionordic Rev 3.0
If you need to cut off a zener diode and a capacitor
when changing the fan.
These components are located under the fan connector.
The circuit board therefore needs to be removed to fix this.

If you do not do this, the fan will not work.
The alternative is to replace the circuit board.
Circuit board for 24V fan.

Product Details

Data sheet

Power Voltage
12-28 VDC
Rated input
20 W